IIJ offers multi layered security solutions designed to protect your IT environment from cybersecurity threats. All the essential security measures including GDPR compliant security minimise your impact on cyber attacks.

Email Security- Secure MX
IIJ Secure MX Service is a cloud-based service equipped with outgoing and incoming email security features vital for all corporations.
Office 365 x Secure MX


Web Filtering
This service provides security measures over both incoming access, by preventing virus infections and access to risky sites, and outgoing access, by detecting and blocking communication from PCs infected with malware to malicious websites.


IIJ security engineers with extensive deployment experience configure Firewall for you.


GDPR Security
The IIJ GDPR Solution provides support in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforced by EU in May of 2018. IIJ has already been in the process of establishing compliance with GDPR through IIJ Europe. Backed by IIJ’s expertise, IIJ can provide extensive support for GDPR compliance. With our extensive experience and lineup of other solutions, IIJ can provide total support from analysis of current status to the production phase.
GDPR IT solutions


LanScope Cat Service
LanScope Cat Service provides endpoint protection and security for insider and external threats as a network unified management tool.  It also can be applied to enterprises as one of GDPR counter measure solutions.
LanScope Cat Service

Business Continuity

Data needs to be secure and backed up. IIJ offers public and private cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to benefit organisations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Network Connectivity

IIJ provides high quality access services by continuing to develop the technical strengths we have cultivated since the early days of the industry.

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