We understand that as an ISV, an MSP or a VAR, you’re not just expected to provide technology. You need to deliver innovation, scalably and at low cost. And that means you need an enterprise-ready cloud solution, with all the expertise and support that comes with it.

But building that capability is hard, especially for businesses whose core expertise doesn’t lie in cloud computing:

  • Public cloud computing tends to be scalable and cheap, but struggles to handle complexity and security.
  • Private cloud computing is more customised and secure, but nearly all contracts come with inflexible conditions that lock you in long-term.
  • You could build your own, but that may require massive infrastructure spend and investment in training and expertise.

That’s where we come in

IIJ GIO is a hardware-to-app, modular cloud solution that allows you to offer your clients the easiest and most flexible on-ramp to a cloud environment: all with the security and customisation of a private cloud service, at public cloud terms.

Add our cloud service IIJ GIO to your portfolio and enable your clients to

  • Cut their infrastructure spending and gain cost transparency: no lock-in or fluctuating costs.
  • Benefit from a customised private cloud solution – quickly, hassle-free, and without risk.
  • Seize the opportunity to experiment and transform their business.

Three ways to add our cloud service to your business

  1. As a stand alone solution (IIJ GIO)
  2. Integrated with your products and services (IIJ GIO + my service)
  3. White labelling (As a new brand)

All supported by our world-class cloud engineers and SLAs.

What you get with IIJ GIO

No lock-in

Get the best of the private cloud – the security and flexibility to customise it to your requirements – at a minimum contract term of only 30 days. 


Transparent, predictable cost

One flat monthly fee.IIJ_GIO-FlatFee_Table-03

Scalable, enterprise-ready technology

Customise your client offerings with the modular components of IIJ GIO. It integrates easily with enterprise environments (we work with the leaders in enterprise technology) and offers services across the hardware, infrastructure, software and application layers. IIJ’s own high-performance global internet backbone guarantees IIJ GIO’s connectivity.

IIJ GIO: Learn more about our technology

Cloud expertise

Our team of experienced cloud engineers can advise you on how best to customise IIJ GIO exactly to your clients’ needs. Our specialists also help with design, feasibility, set-up, procurement, management and 24/7 troubleshooting. Plug your clients into IIJ GIO, and they’re automatically plugged into our support.

Reliable service

Our set of prepackaged SLAs provide the framework for operation your clients need when moving to the cloud. Use IIJ GIO to deliver above and beyond your clients’ expectations.

A global solution

If you have an international operation or plan to expand, IIJ GIO’s global infrastructure makes it easy for you to go global. Simply plug into our architecture, expertise, connectivity resources, and 24/7 support service all over the world.

All the partner support you need

We understand what makes a difference to our partners who are operating in the real world of demanding customers and aggressive competition. And we also know that this looks different for every single one of our partners. That’s why we’ve stripped our partner programme of time-consuming requirements and designed it purely to help our partners succeed.

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Partnering with IIJ

Leverage what we do best: the flexible private cloud.

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