80% of leaks happen internally

The actual causes of information leaks are mostly employees or contractors who bring out data in email or recording media or copies of paper materials. As described above, companies suffer great damage due to information leaks. These costs are not only in the form of apologizing to victims and investigation costs, but in the loss of trust in the company and brand image. The effect on a company of just one information leak is immeasurable. And 80% of them are caused from the inside.


  • IIJ Europe provides LanScope Cat as a Service for small and mid-sized businesses on our reliable cloud infrastructure.
  • Secure & productive features are ready to be used without on-premises.



  • Securely use through the internet
  • Accessibility to the management console and web console
  • The service is protected by Anti-Virus Measures
  • Policy is pre-set as IIJ Europe standard
  • FAQ Support of LanScope Cat is included (*Other items such as log-analysis policy change are customer’s responsibility. )
  • Data retention period for log search : 5 years (The retention period depends on your actual usage.)
  • Target Devices: Windows & Mac OS
  • Minimum users: 10 (Every 5 users can be added/cancelled.)
  • Minimum usage period: 1 year (After 1st year, monthly contract required. 90 days notice.)