Legacy systems can prove to be a false economy. Escalating maintenance costs and reducing performance capability can lead many organisations to evaluate their inherited systems to find ways to improve efficiency and reduce long term management costs in order that any business impact can be mitigated.

IIJ Europe partner with Recarta IT, one of Europe’s leading IBM partners, to provide a complete IBM infrastructure service. Together we can provide recommendations on the best configuration of your IBM environments whether they are on-premise or cloud-based. Our work has already benefited clients by reducing administration costs and mitigating downtime risks often associated with out of date server and storage environments.


IIJ Datacentre AS400 Managed Service Overview

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Our highly skilled team are experienced in all aspects of IBM Server and storage environments, including;

  • AS400
  • iSeries
  • Power Systems
  • AIX

and more…

If you are concerned that your IBM infrastructures are not performing efficiently, our IBM infrastructure service could provide you with an accurate view of where efficiencies could be made.

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Case Study

Discover how IIJ Europe helped Shinkin International Ltd reduce the cost and risk of managing their inherited IBM infrastructure.

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