Whatever the size and scale of an organisations infrastructure project, IIJ’s vendor neutral Systems Integration (SI) solution can fulfil all business requirements. Our SI solution combines common components and bespoke clients work to ensure SI delivery is tailored to clients’ requirements.


SI Consulting
  • From Internet services to outsourced services such as cloud-based computing and security as well as system integrations with special requirements, we utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge in responding to the needs of many different customers to support restructuring of entire IT organizations.
  • IT specialists help improve IT organizations, reform IT operations, optimize IT systems, and implement security measures.

IT Consulting



The IIJ Private Cloud Solution represents the culmination of IIJ’s extensive experience in building and operating cloud services.
Cloud Hosting


The Solutions for SAP provides a cloud-based SAP Business Suite system that is secure, stable, and robust.


Cloud Backup Solutions save your data.
Business Continuity


An experienced security consultant learns your business and system configurations to provide an optimal solution in accordance with your overall corporate security level.


IT Project Management relieves you from the burden of dealing with various vendors for office relocations/layout modification.
Office Relocation

Microsoft Solutions

  • build and deploy an cloud-based environment for Office 365 including authentication, client administration, and security.
  • provide the best network for Office 365.

Office 365 x Secure MX



The private cloud that’s ready for SAP HANA

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Network Connectivity

IIJ provides high quality access services by continuing to develop the technical strengths we have cultivated since the early days of the industry.

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