Who are IIJ Europe?

We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of IIJ, Japan’s first ISP, and a global internet and cloud computing leader. IIJ’s European bases are London and Düsseldorf, from where we sell IIJ GIO, our flexible private cloud service to European customers.

We have a world-wide infrastructure (data centres and IIJ’s own global internet backbone), and a track record in internet and cloud innovations. This makes us the partner of choice for MSPs, VARs, and ISVs looking to add a solid cloud element to their client offer. More about IIJ Europe.


What is IIJ GIO?

IIJ GIO is a hardware-to-app cloud platform that can be used for building flexible, secure and highly customised private cloud architectures, without forcing businesses into long-term contracts or making costs unpredictable. Learn more.


Is IIJ GIO customisable to specific requirements?

Yes, that’s what we’re here for. We understand each business’ specifications and requirements are different. Our team will consult with you, provide technical advice, and set up the system that fits your needs – and your existing infrastructure.


What other services do you provide?

We work with channel partners to help them expand their offers and add a flexible private cloud platform to their portfolio. Our focus is on cloud consulting, technology, implementation, and support, including:

  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Systems integration
  • Managed help desk and advanced support services
  • Connectivity
  • Managed services

Learn more about IIJ GIO.


What kind of connectivity do you offer?

We provide low-latency internet connectivity through the use of our global internet backbone. If required, we can also provide dedicated lines with guaranteed network speed and availability.


What is your global capability?

We have data centres connected across 10 global locations including London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore. See all of our global locations here. From London, our 20Gb line will ensure your connection to New York is 58ms and 158ms to Tokyo.


Are there any other charges relating to network usage?

No. As a global ISP, we can offer our clients unique network usage terms. We do not charge for incremental outbound traffic anywhere on the network.


Do you provide physical servers?

Yes, our x series are physical servers in fixed configurations – ready to plug in, and dedicated. They are hosted in our tier 3 data centre.


Do you provide managed hypervisors?

We do. We also offer this service to go with our physical servers on a monthly subscription basis.


Do you provide any technical advice?

Yes, technical advice, consultation, and implementation are all essential parts of our cloud service. A dedicated team of specialists with years of experience is ready to help you and your clients scope your initiative and realise your cloud ambitions.


Is co-location possible?

Yes. We can also plug your hardware into IIJ’s cloud infrastructure.


Is managed network part of your cloud offering?

Yes. Unlike other providers, who leave network management to their clients, we will design and plan your network and implement it into our cloud infrastructure.


What are your contract terms?

The minimum contract term is 1 month, at a flat and predictable fee. It’s a unique offer in the private cloud market and we can promise this due to our global resources and infrastructure. This means that users can experience the full benefit of the private cloud with the contractual flexibility of a public cloud.


What level of support do you offer?

We want to act as an extension of our partners’ businesses. We work alongside our partners to handle the cloud service end of their offers, to ensure that end-users are receiving the robust level of support they expect, including:

  • Guaranteed, customisable SLAs
  • 1st Line Monitoring and Support
  • 2nd Line system Analyst
  • 3rd Line Apps and Business Operation


What does partnership with IIJ look like?

Our partner programme is designed to give partners quick and easy access to our cloud service, and help them get the most out of their cloud investment. That’s why we deliberately avoid lengthy accreditation-earning training requirements and promotion activity quotas, etc. It’s simple: we help partners easily add our cloud service to their business, support them with our comprehensive services and resources, and thus grow each other’s businesses. Find out more.


Who are your technology partners?

Cisco / Juniper – networking

EMC – storage

IBM / Lenovo – X86 Servers

VMWare – virtualisation