For SAP-run businesses, HANA is a tremendous opportunity to gain better performance and faster analytics – all of which help to make better, more informed decisions.

But it’s a massive tech challenge for SAP partners to move their customers to the SAP HANA in-memory database. Even just the development of a proof of concept in a test environment is hard, costly, and time-intensive.

We’ve used IIJ GIO to build dedicated SAP services that make the move to SAP HANA easy – from PoC to seamless full production deployment. And that gives our partners first-mover advantage in the SAP world.  Watch our video to find out more. 

IIJ GIO is a unique offer for SAP partners

We’re SAP certified in hosting and cloud services and have developed a full pre-configured SAP HANA suite. Plug in and quickly open up the SAP HANA revenue stream – for both PoC and full production environments.

SAP HANA PoC service: A test environment for proof of concept. Allow your customers to try out SAP HANA and its remote access services to thoroughly test its use for their business.

SAP HANA Cloud service: A complete landscape including the SAP production environment on a PAYG model (bring your own license). We manage it all hassle-free for your clients, monitor their hardware and provide full maintenance service.


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