IIJ GIO is a hardware-to-app cloud platform that can be used for building flexible, secure and highly customised private cloud architectures, without forcing businesses into long-term contracts or making costs unpredictable.


Simple: Standards-based, modular components (vcentre, VMware) make IIJ GIO easy to integrate, especially in complex enterprise environments.

Flexible: The 1-month contract terms mean you and your clients get private cloud service without the long-term lock-in.

Secure: The IIJ GIO platform and our practises comply with information security standard ISO27001, guaranteeing you and your clients peace of mind when it comes to security and control. Additionally our infrastructure can connect to your on-premise system by a dedicated line.

Global: IIJ’s own global internet backbone and data centre infrastructure allow you to easily expand your offer internationally.

Supported: IIJ GIO engineers offer you and your clients all the support you require – from defining specs to design, procurement, management and 24/7 troubleshooting.

Proven: IIJ’s own internet backbone and our SLAs guarantee reliable processing performance that meets your clients’ business needs.

The GIO architecture: flexible and enterprise-friendly

GIO’s modular design and prepackaged components make it quick to configure, but also leave the option to customise the service at any level – hardware, infrastructure, platform or software. We work with well-known technology partners to ensure easy integration with all standard enterprise components.

We offer three types of cloud set-ups:

  • VW Series: A virtualization platform based on VMware – allows full customisation of operating systems and applications
  • VW Utility Model: Small start with VW Series – same functionality with pay as you go type payment plan for the initial year
  • VW-V Series: pre-package virtual servers in fixed configuration


All of our offers come with a wide range of network add-ons: Firewalls, load balancer, remote access and other components that bolt on to your IIJ GIO configuration.

Service from experienced cloud engineers

We’ve built our domain expertise over the last two decades as a networks solutions innovator for some of the most demanding clients on the planet. 70% of our employees are engineers and IT specialists, and they can help you, and your clients, with any aspect of IIJ GIO configuration and management:

  • Design/Specification
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Support

Total cost transparency

IIJ is a global ISP, which means that we can offer IIJ GIO for a flat rate, with no long-term contract commitment. This flat rate is regardless of usage: unlike many cloud providers – who charge for outbound traffic – we don’t charge for incremental outbound internet traffic volume.

A global internet backbone

IIJ’s global internet backbone provides industry-leading connectivity for IIJ GIO, with world-class network speed, security, and availability. For your customers and for you, this means excellent quality of service, as well as easy expansion into new markets. If required, we can also provide dedicated lines for your clients.

Our technology partners: market-leading solution providers

We work with established, best-of-breed technology partners to ensure that our GIO cloud offer integrates seamlessly with any standard enterprise environment. Like VMware and Cisco.

We have a certified partner relationship with SAP, and have developed a range of services around migration to SAP HANA.

IIJ GIO Case Study

IIJ helped Kitagawa GmbH reduce the workload of IT operations and build a secure Cloud system environment.

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