Creating IT environments that meet Needs

IIJ offers a genuine end-to-end IT services capability

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IIJ utilise and embrace the latest internet technologies to design, deliver and manage world-class IT and cloud services that deliver a genuinely flexible global infrastructure. Quite simply, we create IT environments that liberate our customers from the ongoing burden of managing IT in order that they may exploit their business opportunities more effectively. IIJ Europe has always maintained a total customer oriented approach by providing an uncompromising quality of service to all of its clients and is a wholly owned subsidiary of IIJ, the leading IT Enterprise for Cloud Services in Japan.

IIJ Europe Security Seminar
How to protect corporate information assets from increased security risks brought by remote working

Time and date: 14:00-14:45 (GMT) on February 3, 2022
Format: Online

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IIJ Europe/Deutschland’s New Normal with Hybrid Working

This year has been a challenge to many businesses in terms of the impact of the pandemic and the necessary changes to workplace management. For IIJ Europe and Deutschland, we have learnt to be adaptable, creative, and forward-thinking through the many experiences we have had during this time.

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IIJ Europe x Nihon Cyber Defence Joint Seminar
Work from Home environment’s security risk trends and countermeasures

Time and date: 10:00-11:00 in London/19:00-20:00 in Tokyo on February 25th, 2021
Format: Online

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Supporting working from home

Implementing a working from home environment

IIJ’s specialised engineers are dedicated to supporting customers in the implementation of a ‘Work from Home’ environment. IIJ’s Work from Home Solutions are free of charge for the first three months. (Orders must be placed by the end of June)

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Website Attack Early Warning System

GRED WebCheck

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect in the EU in May 2018 obliges corporations to take appropriate security measures in order to protect personal data. A countermeasure against information leakage due to website tampering is one of the steps that corporations should consider. IIJ Europe offers SecureBrain's “GRED WebCheck” service for detecting online manipulation due to cyber-attacks.

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Network Connectivity

Fast and Secure Internet Connectivity

IIJ provides high quality access services by continuing to develop the technical strengths we have cultivated since the early days of the industry.

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Japan Travel SIM

How are you going to reasonably use your smartphone in Japan? During your stay in Japan, you will need to contact your family and friends, upload photos on SNS, use a map app and so on. However if you use your UK mobile data plan in Japan, you are likely to receive a very high mobile roaming bill. How can you use your smartphone without any worries?

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Cloud Hosting

The flexible cloud

None of the hassle and cost of building complex architectures for your portfolio from scratch. Take advantage of our comprehensive, modular, standards-based hardware-to-app platform with flexible contract terms.

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GIO for SAP: The private cloud that's ready for SAP HANA

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IIJ's Customers

Case Studies

Explore our featured stories and content on IIJ Europe Services and Solutions.

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